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Originally Posted by SJen View Post
Hi, Cactuspies. Sale prices apply to a card when someone buys it outright, but someone can still make an offer on a card's full asking price while it is for sale.
Thanks Jen. Makes sense now.

So it just leads to a funny story (funny to me maybe )

I have/had 2 cards of the same player, different serial #. Someone was making a 1/2 offer while I had my sale going on. I have the card listed @17, on sale for like $11 I think. User makes the 1/2 offer. I counter @10 which is still less than my sale. User comes back at $9.25. I actually was going to accept but it wouldn't let me for some reason. So I counter at $9.50. Later yesterday the card sold on Amazon at FULL asking price (less the 20%) The user must have had the same exact card in the shopping cart because I received a bunch of counters/offers/declines/cancellations. Now I have an offer on the other one for $9.75....Gotta love the way things can go right?
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