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Now this guy is telling me I should give him a card back THAT I BOUGHT FROM HAIKU and threatening me he is going to the police. There are lots of people that BOUGHT THESE, got NO REFUND, and were not given them as gifts.

There is no reason that we should get screwed too. This guy wants to hurt other people and is trying to get people to send him cards back, or money for them. He has threatened to go to the police.

NO ONE that bought these from haiku and paid is liable. They were all being sold and this guy knew they were being sold and he did and said nothing. So now he wants people who have made purchases, received no refund, to send cards or money so WE can be out something when we legitimately bought something that NO ONE knew what would happen.

He states in this thread he KNOWS NO ONE KNEW THEY WERE STOLEN yet he has threatened me saying he's going to the police, now he says he's going to give me a few days to cool down and he'll be in contact.

The situation is HORRIBLE for everyone, but why should people that bought stuff suffer? I received ONE CARD that I should've gotten from this guy and was scammed for around 3k, and now I should send him money or a card that i bought IN ADDITION to getting scammed!

Yes, fraser was victimized, but he should've also thought before sending that much in cards with nothing in return, and then watching all these cards be sold OR GIVEN AWAY while he still had nothing.
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