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Originally Posted by tajikey View Post
Couldn't agree more. I'm a registered tax preparer, and I cringe when people get thousands back. Proper planning would put that money in peoples hands when they need it, not after they've put thousands on credit waiting to pay it off.

Nothing should start. It's his opinion, and a good one.

Agreed. I always pay Federal with my State refund. I come out even or a hair in the red every year.

And you realize that you can change your W-4 any time during the year to accommodate for these credits. There's even a box on the W-2 that reports earned income credit if you took it early like you should, if you expect little to no changes year over year.

Responsible is NOT getting thousands, with or without kids, it's getting zero, with or without kids.
Spot on.

I'm a CPA - so people getting thousands back, when it's avoidable, will never make logical sense to me.

My favorite is people on here complaining about scam buyers that take a loan, "tie up" the buyers money, and then they have to wait 3 weeks for a Paypal refund...essentially they are doing the same thing with the government. Giving them a bunch of your money to "tie up" for a year and then refund it back to you - and you get nothing out of it. Getting a tax refund is like filing a Paypal claim.

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