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Default AMAZING LOT for sale! $210 for $300+ SV!!!

Here is an amazing opportunity to get a great lot for $210. If you can not see the value here then please get your eyes checked.... Well over $300+ worth of value just on average ebay sales. I know people look for crazy deals here, well, buy this and make some money!

This is ONLY for the cards i name individually... Not every card pictured is in the lot, many of the scans have multiple cards that are not a part of this deal.

cj2k 10/10 rc letter auto (picked up at 42 on ebay)

locker /25 nt rc auto (easy 35-70 on ebay)

rudolph /499 rc patch auto (10 average on ebay), ADDING THE MARIO WILLIAMS SPA (6-15 on ebay all day)

djax chicle auto (roughly 10 on ebay)

sjax /25 dual patch (similar sold for $22 on ebay)

alshon jeffery /15 prime booklet auto (45-90 on ebay, personally picked up at 90)

forte 1/10 nt jersey auto (35 and 49 two sales on ebay)

brandon marshall bowman rc auto (easy $10-15 on ebay)

jay cutler artifacts auto (15-20 on ebay)

Thats $328 worth of cards that have sold on ebay, for ONLY $210. Around 35% off of what these cards sell for. Need the money right now or else i wouldnt offer this deal of a lifetime!

And now ADD this peyton manning fac rookie auto...

For no extra cost. STILL $210 for the entire lot. If i did not absolutely need the money, there is no way this deal would be here. Take advantage of a HUGE opportunity!

I seriously cant believe people arent taking this. I've had a ton of PM on it, and i swear the next person to ask me my best price, its not dropping below $210. This deal is already losing out a ton on my part.

So much so that the mario williams SPA is being added. Still $210. for over $350 SV worth of cards... I feel dumb for even making this lot, but i need the money NOW! So come on somebody, take advantage of my stupidity.

In an effort to sell this NOW, im adding this...

Johnny Knox. (12-20 on ebay all day.)

Thats UPWARDS of $370 SV for $210... $210 GETS EVERYTHING TYPED it all has around a $370 SV!. Its like a 40% mark down from ebay... Somebody take this. When i get paid tonight at midnight it goes away for good.

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