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Question Erasing a Sub-Par Sketch: What Say You?

This situation is raising some interesting discussion on some other venues, so I thought I'd see what you all think about it.

The subject is this sketch:

The owner of the sketch erased the sketch and is now selling the "blank" on eBay for someone to get a new sketch drawn on it.

Details here: Scoundrel Art Community • View topic - Check out this ebay listing

I think there's several things going on here, so I break it down like this:
1. I understand the owner's frustration with that sketch in a product he paid $100 for. I think any of us who have opened wax for sketch cards have gotten some that are in this category.

2. I would never erase a sketch cards, simply because it's a unique piece of art no matter how crappy it may be.

3. Also, once you've created this "blank", you are messing with the integrity of the product. If someone else draws a sketch on it and it goes out into the wild, how would anyone know that the new card was not packed-out and is in fact modified?

4. By selling the blank (or attempting to), the owner is encouraging #3

5. I don't think a satisfactory effort was made by the artist when creating this card

6. I don't understand why Topps would accept and pack out a card like this in a product that MSRP was ~$80 (that's what I read, anyway).
What do you guys think? Ever done this or been tempted to?
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