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Originally Posted by asujbl View Post
Nothing other then just buying any regular day to day things I'd be anyway. I don't give the government an interest free loan so I tax plan accordingly at the start of the year. If you're getting thousands back then you are doing some pretty horrible planning.
So...because I have an alternating plan between my ex to claim my daughter every other year, and work a job where you have to schedule a meeting with HR...and i make due with bills and such

not to mention my daughters birthday is in April, so i get a decent chunk every other year to take her somewhere/do something nicer than usual...

im planning pretty horribly according to you genius?

i understand your logic about wanting your $$ and not wanting to give the govt loans yada yada...but implying just because you work in the field and have your opinion, and that everyone is doing it wrong...well quite frankly makes you sound like a douche
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