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Originally Posted by jrubbo23 View Post
payment sent
Originally Posted by motiv8dan View Post
Payment has been made mate, international here.
Originally Posted by Orangejello727 View Post
im paid up!
Originally Posted by jprt80 View Post
Sucks it got pushed back to June. I just sent payment. When do you think the randomizing will take place?
Payments updated.

Originally Posted by Onofrio View Post
Mmmm, like I am not going to hold anyone up, but I will not pay now for something that MIGHT come out in 5+ months. SO please either put this on hold until closer to the pull as I didnt sign up for a 6 month wait or please remove me from this draw.

I dont mean to be rude, however I cant see how tying up 200+ dollars in something that might come out in 6 months helps me or the hobby.

Please let me know....
Payments won't be due until a month or so before the product releases so that gives you time. Do you want to stay in? If not, I'd like to start looking for 1-3 more people to take the slots you agreed on.
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