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Don't get me started on how messed up taxes are and how the government wants to screw over the millonaires who provide the jobs for us lower end people. I don't want a hand out, never asked for it and never will. I just follow the rules, go to work, work hard, shelter,feed and cloth my family. I file my taxes through H&R Block every year, never lie and in the end I get this amount every year.
Until they find a way to reform the tax problem in the U.S. we will always have people manipulate the system.
Case in point, my ex-sister in law and her husband has 3 kids and was on welfare, but for 3 months out of the year the husband could work and still receive welfare on top of that the government paid for their home(HUD) and their food was paid for by food stamps. They got so much food stamp money, that they could pay for a month of food and still had half left over. So they would sell half their food stamps for about 60 percent. Then they would use the money for booze and weed. Then to top it off, they could file taxes each year on the 3 months of work and end of making around 6,000 to 8,000 dollars off income tax.
Now tell me something isn't wrong with the system.

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