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Hey all! I haven't been a lurker here for too long, but I loved it immediately and had to sign up. Seems like a nice casual card collector atmosphere.

Giving you an idea of who I am, I'm a 25 year old from northeast Ohio (middle of nowhere, closest 'major' city is Canton at about 40 minutes away) who just got back into the card collecting game (after being out since I was about 11-12) when I started buying all the 2012 Topps Chrome at my local Walmart stores. Now I'm obsessed with it again.

After taking a while to decide who to collect or if I was going to be in this strictly for money and selling purposes, I decided to collect my favorite team, the Cleveland Browns (yes, I know) and pretty much everything else is for sale or possibly trade.

Thanks for taking a look at this, and I'm excited to be in the forums!
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