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Originally Posted by sportsamerica View Post
I don't know if they will add a intake since they do not sell these items. I am working on a 1938 Goudy, 1952 bowman in a psa 7, 1953 topps in psa 5/6 (80+ complete)
This is a classic example why we need this section. Had I not read this thread, I would have no idea that a fellow member was working on great sets like this. I am currently trying to decide which vintage PSA set to start, now that I've gotten my '51 Bowman Mantle RC, so knowing that others are working on some sets as well, makes me think we could possibly be helping each other out, whether we have the card they need, or know where to find it (Ebay, card shows, LCS's, etc.)

I don't think the decision should be based solely on the fact that BO doesn't carry vintage items, I think the forum itself is more about the hobby as a whole. Just my opinion.
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