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Originally Posted by mainerunr View Post
I've debated a few different vintage sets but my current project is completing sets back to 1972. I've gotten really close on my 82-84 sets thanks to a member here. Once those are done, I will move on to 80-81...hopefully by the end of this year.

I do have 10-12 1960 Fleer cards and I may start working on that set as well. After that, I think '66 Topps is a likely candidate because I have a bunch of those (though not necessarily in great shape) already.

And I really dont think a vintage section would take anything away from sale of 'new' product. I think vintage collectors are probably more the set builder type and really it's cheap to build modern sets compared to vintage, no reason one can't do both.
Just sold a 66 set, it is probably the least popular set besides 68. If you are taking into consideration future resale value your best bet is 61, 62, 65, or 67. They can be completed relatively cheap and you will never lose if you buy right, they can only go up.
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