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Originally Posted by rustygilligan View Post
And, in return I say... you are paying to buy trading cards, and sketch cards are a random... there is no guarantee that you are getting one - nor is there a guarantee that you are getting your favorite artist.

Being disappointed doesn't excuse defacing art, or, breaking the terms of a producers' license.

Again, I don't want to argue - I'll just shut up after this really - as a sketch card artist myself, I just feel that the artists in this case need to be stuck up for.
Must be reading this wrong. Sell sheets say "x" number of sketch cards per box. That is a guarantee you will get said number of sketch cards per box. If I recall correctly SW Galaxy was 1 per box.

I just see it as the ole spending money to make money. In the case of sketch cards the artist time is the "money" they are spending. If they put quality work into the sketch cards they will earn more money on the back end via AP's and commission work.

Quality work in more and higher price AP's and commissions will come Thier way. Put crap into the product less commissions and lower priced AP's on the back end.

It is like advertising, and frankly great advertising for artist that are not well known. And advertising cost money, in this case the artist time and effort.

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