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Originally Posted by rustygilligan View Post
I just feel that the artists in this case need to be stuck up for.
Ah the fraternity again. I have respect for all people and all opinions. And thus I see where you are coming from. But what about the dealers and collectors? Who is sticking up for them? Certainly not Topps, and frankly, certainly not the artists who drew the first sketch and the rabbitt, etc. (ok - so the JH sketch isn't a rabbitt, but i don't know what the hell it is and i pulled several of that exact same rendering, but i digress.)

to me, there is nothing more annoying than bad behavior (or business practices) being excused or deflected out of misplaced loyalty or personal reasons. why make excuses for anyone? ALL of the following is bad:

1.) erasing a sketch - (defacing a work of art)
2.) rendering a 30-second sketch that a six-year-old could do that shows NO sense of pride or work ethic
3.) manufacturers allowing inferior content into their products
4.) manufacturers underpaying artists - hell i'd rather pay a lot more money for a box of cards that has all high quality effort/art inside

finally, to piggyback just a little from gary's post, i have a couple other points:

1.) if an artist is trying to pay the bills and has average talent, i have no problem AT ALL with doing 30-second sketches and getting paid - we all have to feed our families. shame on the manufacturer for hiring and/or approving said sketches in that case...
2.) if an artist has talent to burn and mails it in for a release, well, i look at it this way: why would I commission that artist when he/she gave nothing to us upfront in the packs? i commission the artists who actually take time and produce great pack-inserted sketches. I spent nearly $1000.00 commissioning just two artists this month because they give 100% every time for their pack-inserted sketches. Seems to me both collectors and artists should take note of this.

(again, all i ask for is effort - when i ship a sketch or trading card, i don't throw it in a plain white envelope to save time and money - i carefully take the card and put it in a penny sleeve, then a toploader, then tape, then the bubble mailer, then protection in the bubble mailer. anything less than that is a bad work ethic for a dealer. it would be nice if everyone in the process - the manufacturers, the artists, and the dealers would all practice good work ethics. and i realize the majority of all of us DO. unfortunately the "negative" stuff - the exceptiions -- always stand out and get noticied.)
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