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Originally Posted by Steve2112 View Post
I've typed them since I started in 1998. Most of the athletes I've heard talk about their fan mail say they want letters to be short, to the point, and legible. Well, with me, the only way "legible" happens is by typing. If some players want to play 'gatekeeper' and exclude people who type, that's their decision, and if I've had cards not returned to me because of it, so be it. I've got a career percentage in the mid-60s, so I'm doing pretty well as is. Sorry folks, but the notion that "typing = not really caring" is not correct.

You beat me to it!

Some people just don't have the time to write 40-60 letters a week (many people who are hardcore send out that amount per week). Like you said, athletes don't want to read a dictionary you send them, keep it short and to the point.

I type all my letters, but make each one different. I have gotten plenty of returns, and I don't think one person I have ever sent to has said "Hey, wait a second, he typed it...I am not signing for him!"
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