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Default Anybody have any awesome casino stories?

Ever win anything big at the casino? Seen somebody win big?
Heading to the casino tomorrow night, a little get away with the fiancÚ. Since we have had our third child 10 weeks ago me and the miss's have not been out yet by ourselves. So before she goes back to work I figured I would take us out for the night and gamble.

If you have any awesome stories I'd love to hear them

For instants I won $1145 about 8 months ago on a $1 machine playing 5 lines at a buck a piece and hit 18 of 20 women on the screen.

Year or 2 back a guy won the giant $150k jackpot on wheel of fortune but hours before he won it he had gotten thrown out for being to drunk. I do not believe he was able to claim the win since he had been booted out just hours before.
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