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I was in Detroit for a wedding, maybe 12 years ago. I had been living in Chicago but still had a Michigan ID. So we went to the Motown casino or whatever it was (the MGM one I think?). My buddy, a first timer, hit about $4K on a slot. I told him to get the cash and we'd round up the crew and go. No point in blowing in on our first day in town.

Well, some staff must have heard me because in about 2 minutes these two security guards were on me. A man and a woman. Total amateurs. I had a beer in my hand and the first thing they said was, "Do you have ID for that?" I was like, "For my beer? Yes. But considering that your bartender has sold me 6 already it's a bit late to ask, don't you think?"

But I gave them my license anyway. I was legal to drink so I didn't care. They started quizzing me and I hesitated on my zip code (like I said, I had been living in Chicago for 2 years). They were like, "A-ha, gotcha!." So then they made me sign my name on a napkin like 6 times to compare it to my license signature. Like they were detectives or something. At this point, my friends were back and I said, "Ok, fine, we'll leave."

But there were two problems. They 1) said "Oh, no, only you have to leave, your friends stay," which was creepy and 2) wouldn't give me my driver's license back. So I said, "We all want to leave this craphole but I'm not going anywhere without my driver's license." So they threatened to call the police. When I said, "Please do" they looked at each other and kind of panicked. I walked over to the nearest service desk and asked them to call the police. They asked why and I said that someone had stolen my driver's license. They got a manager and then like 10 security guards came over, the first two apologized, gave me my license and the manager apologized but said we had to leave. Which was fine. We took the $4K and partied the hell out of Windsor.
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