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Default Am I Wrong To Be Irritated?

To start I will say unless enough people tell me that I was wronged I will not say the buyers name.

Anyways, through messages I agreed to a deal on ebay, however, we agreed we would continue the conversation through blowout, as ebay does not permit you to sent paypal addresses. He said he had created an account, however it was awaiting activation. Anyways, fast-forward a few days, and I am getting considerable interest in the card, so I sent him a message saying taht if he still wanted it to please message me. Fast-forward 2 more days (to last night) and I still don't have a response, so I check and he has left feedback for people in the previous day. So I send him a message saying please tell me whether or not you're interested. He replied very quickly,

Dear qbkauctions,

so sorry about that, been away for 2 days (Keep in mind he had left feedback in the previous 24 hr.).

i had to buy some variation cards for 2012 topps chrome that wiped me out. so im gonna pass on this, tho i do appreciate everything, good luck!!

This bothered me, but i've done this before too so I dismissed it. However, today I saw that last night (the same night he said he was out of money) his account was activated, and he created a thread saying he had money and was looking to buy cards, I know he had at least $60, most probably more, and it was a $70 card.

I don't care so much that he chickened out of the deal, as I sold the card earlier today, however it bothers me that he lied his way out of deal. Am I wrong to be bothered by this?
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