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Originally Posted by mwheeler27 View Post
If it helps anyone with their picks...

I'm paying $115 for base slot #4, and $40 for base slot #3.

Just let me know if you get any of these and want to sell.

Originally Posted by Chucky View Post
Isnt this a little different than what you posted in the break chat? I thought 2 base slots had 1 SP and 1 had 2? I'm confused?!
Originally Posted by tke96 View Post
Base Slot 1: S, N, P, G
Base Slot 2: I, R, T, O
Base Lot 3: S, K, O, P
Base Lot 4: S, K, S, R

This is different than in the 1st post....I just watched the replay for a second time to confirm. I think you reposted the base slots from SKE7?
Sorry for the confusion, tke96 is correct. I grabbed the cases with the base from the previous break by mistake. The original post is updated.
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