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Default 2 Cases of UD Thor - nice sketches!

Was wanting to bust a sketch product, so I went ahead and did 2 cases of UD Thor. All cards are available for now...

Ended up with 2 Autos ... of...CLARK GREGG *FML*
2 full sets of relics, with tons of extras...1 Jane foster away from 3 sets
35 Film Cell Cards
1 Printing Plate : Magenta #51 Thor/Agent Phil Coulson

14 sketches

Far Left: Dan Gorman (no idea on char) Amazingly detailed!
Top Left: Unsigned Puzzle Piece 1/3
Top Right: idea...char ....
Bottom Left: Gilbert Monsanto
Bottom Right: Joel Carroll

From top to bottom, left to right:
Jason Phillips (?) - Dave Ryan (?) - ? (?)
Lawrence Reynolds (Thor) - Lord Mesa (?) - Jake Minor (Loki)
Wilson Ramos Jr (multiple) - ? (Virgo) - ? (?)
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