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Originally Posted by webjon View Post
So, if I can paraphrase, what you are saying is that it isn't illegal as long as you aren't drawing a copyrighted image. . . right?

That's the same thing I am saying. . . altering a sketch card isn't illegal. . .

Now putting an image on the card you don't have rights to may be copyright infringement (different argument, but original works of art are generally not going to get you in trouble, it's when you get into making copies or prints that you get in trouble).
Yes, that's part of what I'm saying. But I'm also saying the sketch card itself has become a licensed property because it had to be approved by the license holder (either directly or through specific guidelines enforced by the card company).

If you do something to alter the card that would take it out of compliance with the license agreement, then there may be a legal issue.

Honestly, I could be completely wrong about this, but that was what I was trying to say.
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