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Default How would you handle it?

I just have a question on how you'd handle a situation.

Reputable company, with online options as well.

I check their website daily to see if they have anything I need in stock and buy it if they do. I have never had an issue until this week.

I check their website for a rather popular item and it say they have 100+ in stock. Keep in mind, this product is sold out everywhere, and has a price of around $30, and is selling on ebay for over $100 right now.

So, I put 5 in the cart

Then checked another item, and they had 20+ in stock, so I put 10 in the cart at around $15 each, and are selling on ebay for $40+

I paid everything, just under $300 with shipping, this was around midnite-1am.

The next day, I check the website to see what's left in stock. And now there's a big red announcement that all customers would be limited to two of each.

So I get on the phone with the company.

They say that I'll receive the two, and the rest will be refunded. Even though I place my order long before the banner was placed for the 2 product limit.

I checked my email, and had an email from the company stating I'd received a complete refund, not the partial refund.

So I called the company back, and spoke to someone else and they were never informed that I was supposed to receive any products. The lady said that she'd put my order aside until the money in my 'fun' account was replaced, but it's not back yet, and now they have less than 30 in stock and the bank said it will be sometime in the middle of next week before I have my money credited back into that account.

How would you handle it. It's the internet equivalent of a mom and pop shop in size.
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