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Default 150000 cards, WOW!

Watching an old episode of auction kings, and I got a kick out of a guy that was selling 150000 or more cards. Some peeps here might have seen it (it's on you tube) Apparently he said there was cards from the 60's on up.
Now I am thinking junk wax era, it is quite common for somebody to have that many cards.
Now with this auction it sold for $700, I am thinking that is a really great deal, maybe not so much it if it's all 1989 topps bb, 1991-92 pro set hockey etc..., but this guy said he didn't know what was in there and there was cards from the 60's on up, from the sounds of that guys selling them, he didn't "Cherry pick" The cards.

Personally, my collection is about 15000 or so cards, and I think that is alot. Mind you 80 percent of what I have is junk era cards (80's, 90's)

Anybody here have large collections 100000+ or more, I read somebody had something like a half a million cards.

I guess some people have quality over quantity, like maybe complete sets of baseball 1957 and 1968 topps, OPC hockey 71-72, rookie cards of R.Jackson, M.Jordan, W.Gretzky. Not a lot in numbers, but a good quality collection.

I am thinking about maybe dumping my junk era, and focusing on "good" cards.
I imagine there is people here that have done that LOL.

It is really too bad, the amount of money some teenagers spent in the 80's and 90's on wax boxes and packs, and look at what those cards are worth now, sometimes, depending what they are, they are difficult to "give away"
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