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I just completed a project where I converted 120,000 cards (mostly 86-92 junk) into around 12,000. What I did was go thru each box and save every KC Royal, all of the rookies of guys worth noting, any cards with sentimental value from my younger collecting days ('86 Topps Doug Decinces that is the 1st card I ever remember opening from a pack) and anything odd ball.

The next step will be to get everything of note sorted, added to Photobucket and stored the way I like.

My ultimate goal is to have a bulk Royals section of my closet (5,000ct jumbo boxes) 1 5,000ct box of misc junk era, some sets that have significance and my PC.

My PC's are sleeved, cased, team bagged, scanned to PB and placed in Super Shoes. I have more than I would like currently, but I'm transitioning out.
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