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I "sold" 6 or 7 5000 count boxes to a flea market buddy or $5/box a few years back. it was basically all 1980's to early 90's stuff. he was going to do those little brown bags or whatever for kids to buy for $1 placing one good card on top and back. most of that stuff from back in the day is kindling. heck I just got some 1994 Flair series 2 from here for a promo and the SRP is $4.99 a pack! 19 years later they are now about 1.25 a pack (Arod Rookies in there boosting it up.) I now have 4 boxes worth of cool looking cards, but no one wants them. Sad thing is I currently have 3 5k boxes, 2 3k boxes and a few other random rubermaid tubs and other small boxes loaded w/cards.
if you can find the threads here, a few guys took pictures of where they store their cards. some look like warehouses!
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