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Originally Posted by aggie4ever View Post
You got some nice sketches, and got fairly lucky getting 2 relic sets, the F2 is a short print, a lot of cases you don't get any of those.

On the first picture, the top right sketch is by Kevin Gentilcore. On the second picture, the top right sketch is by Hanie Mohd, the bottom middle Virgo sketch is by Irma Ahmed, and the bottom right sketch is by Rich Molinelli.
Thanks Aggie, I thought the top right was Hanie Mohd, due tot he smiley face, but his sig is slightly different now, so was throwing me off. The others I was at a complete loss on.

The puzzle looked like Remy's work to me, but I know he is generally pretty good at signing them.

Originally Posted by MCAutoGraphs
That's gonna be hard to find/pull the rest of that puzzle unless someone already has the others...still nice.
yeah, but even without the rest of the puzzle, it is still a nice piece, but you are right I will never find the rest of it.
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