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Has anyone else noticed the site has been running slower where there are 2-3 minute periods where everything just grinds to a halt, then back up to speed? It's been doing this for me for the last day or so.

Originally Posted by pyweed View Post
Always possible, but it seems pretty unlikely to me. First, it was purchased within seconds of listing. Second, it was bought at full "book" with no attempt to haggle. Third, the picture clearly shows an autographed card at odds with the description.

To me, the circumstantial evidence is overwhelming. We've already seen in this thread that some people see absolutely nothing wrong with exploiting listing errors.
I'm kind of confused why you are SO upset with the buyer in this case. COMC made a mistake AND you make a mistake when pricing out this card. The buyer saw a great price on a great card and purchased it. This happens all the time in both the retail and online marketplace. The seller eats their mistake and moves on. The same thing happens on the flip-side to buyers. One time, I purchased a nice UD Black Flag patch auto on COMC which I thought I got a pretty decent deal on, but I didn't notice the nasty gash in the side of the flag window from the scan (I now have 0 interest in keeping it). It was too late as I had already purchased the card. I informed COMC about the damage, to which they FINALLY gave it a condition note (which should have been there in the first place), making it impossible for me to try to get rid of the thing at even close to what I paid for it. In this case, as the buyer, I ate it.

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