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Like I mentioned early, duds like the one that started this discussion are *not* very common. If they were, collectors would not be surprised to get one like that.

The fact is the vast majority of cards demonstrate some effort and time was put into them. You are never going to have a mass-release product that has high quality sketches for every hit. Personally, I think Marvel Premier comes the closest to that of any product I've seen (I know many of you disagree)--take the worst of Premier and it's an average sketch in most other products.

I think it's realistic to expect poorly done cards like the one this thread is about to not be in products because frankly there aren't that many that are as poorly done as the Ackbar.

It can be solved relatively easily IMO--either by the artists or by the card companies--simply by having a standard that they follow which would not impact the vast majority of cards they already pack out.
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