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Originally Posted by pnft17 View Post

Upper Deck is one that has done it in past.

No more Prizm is being made since it went into production. Like with any product. Printer is on to the next set. With all products they have they want to move stuff out.
That plus its not beneficial to keep the printing line open on one product/brand. Doesnt make sense to do it from a business standpoint. Why run the risk of ruining a success story in a product like Prizm?

UD pulled this move on the Konami fraud case. They also did it with the 89 UD Dale Murphy error card. When they realized it was taking off and making cash, they started the printing presses to produce that card only. It took a dive right after as the market was flooded with the card.

Its easier to create demand through distribution manipulation. Its legit and a marketing scheme that works. Produce 20,000 cases. Release 10,000 cases in tier 1. Hold back 10,000 cases. When people pick up on a hot product and ride the demand, it drives up prices while the supply available shrinks. Then release another 5,000 cases at the new price point. The hype on demand/speculation of shortages will drive the product at moderate increases. Then let the rest out.

Tiered releasing has worked a ton for card companies. UD did it in hockey a lot. THey release a portion of the product while holding back some. The a 2nd wave comes and demand eats it up. The only thing I hate about tiered releasing is the weighing tactic. In prior years of UD hockey, the first wave was always front loaded with young guns and SPs. The 2nd wave was never as good as the first wave. People catch on and notice it. Same thing seems to be happening with Golds in Prizm. 1st wave of cases yielded more golds. Now it seems like a tough pull for golds and prism /25 ref autos in case breaks. Mind you it might just be perception. Either way, case busters will notice it. Just ask cruisedaddy on his recent prizm case breaking. He noticed it.
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