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Originally Posted by baytowntex View Post
who cares, that is the price you pay.. how else do you expect for these companies to eat
While collectors should know better now, for the first Indiana Jones set nobody could know how bad it would be, not 1 of those cards was ever shown off by TOPPS or the artists before the set was released, and nobody knew how many of those sketches there would be.
While not every sketch will be a full color detailed masterpiece there should be some minimal level of quality.
This was bad for everyone, except TOPPS. Collectors that ordered at full price before knowing how bad it would be, sellers that were stuck with cases that were rapidly plummeting in value.

There is no reasonable defense for a set like this, cases were like $360 or so (8 box cases) and it was a pathetic effort from TOPPS as a pure cash grab.
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