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Originally Posted by baytowntex View Post
you are talking about the set with the best nonsports autograph line-up in existence. anyways you should be mad at trading card company for putting out the product if you dont like what comes in it, and not the artist.
This isn't an either/or situation, both are at fault here. The artists who put out such clearly shoddy work, I mean, show some damn professional pride for crying out loud! and the company for not only allowing so many sketches from any artist, but for approving them for pack insertion. There is no way these cards should have passed quality control. What makes it even worse is that all those artists kept getting hired for other sets by TOPPS.
This kind of thing is just 1 of the reasons I gave up collecting sketches and buying any boxes/cases of sketch based sets, my collection now consists of exactly 2 sketches.
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