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Originally Posted by baytowntex View Post
the artist just do their job.. they get paid a certian amount to put out certain quality. quality control? yah but if one of these artist were famous as picasso you would care i bet. stop supporting these companies if you dont like what they are doing
So, from the sounds of it you believe everything falls on the collector. The companies are just trying to make money and the artists are just doing their job.

Those things only go so far, and the collectors are the ones taking the biggest loss since the company does make it's money and the artists do the sketches and get paid (well, there are stories of artists not getting paid too).

I also agree that collectors should put the hammer down, cut back orders and contact the companies in significant numbers after a truly bad set is released.

I did stop supporting those companies, I sold off my collection and don't buy sketches, boxes or cases of sketch based products.
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