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Originally Posted by cstone72 View Post
wow guys, im not the one thats mad at all.

so everyone here has never changed their mind about buying a card? really??? i find that hard to believe...

and again, he sold the card and im the one in the wrong. ok i see.

ok, sorry for not buying a card, sorry for not sending you $70. sorry to everyone here for getting the wrong impression of me.
Then why would you send me these two PMs, cause you sound pissed in them:

Titled: what are you talking about?:

Originally Posted by cstone72
why did you write a message in my post saying not cool?

what the hell are you talking about.

i would prefer you dont write stuff like that, especially since i just got authorized to post, i dont need people thinking i dont trade properly.

what was the messsage about?
Titled: absolutely rude:

Originally Posted by cstone72
honestly man, why would you post something like that?

because i didnt buy a goddamn card from you?

take that crap down now.

uncalled for.
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