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Originally Posted by Orangejello727 View Post
Yay for Chevy Chase!! Saw them here at the casino as well.
I saw Sevendust at the Borgata. My friend insisted on standing in line to get in super early so we could be right up front. It was her birthday so I obliged. We got right up front and I was hanging onto the railing for dear life. A women behind me was holding onto me as everyone was rushing the stage so I was basically supporting us both the whole night. I turned around at the end of the night and said hi to her since we basically spooned all evening. I thought it was the appropriate thing to do.

Same friend...We were in AC another time and she almost got us into a fight. She was drunk and we were going through those carasole type doors but my friend had completely cut off a group of 3 people who were also about to enter. I had to profusely apologize because the one lady was going to kick her a$$. Now, my friend could have easily taken her because I have seen her get into fights and she always owns the other person. I just didn't feel like getting jumped by two additional people. We were on an escalator type floor like you see at the airport and my friend kept trying to start something with them. Fun times
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