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Here's what the artist, Zack Giallongo, had to say via a member on Scoundrel:

"Well, that's shitty. I don't know that I want to respond myself on the thread (mostly since there's not much I can do), but here's the reality of Sketch Cards:

We get paid $1.50 for each card we produce. Many of the sets have been suffering because it gets harder and harder to find enough artists who are willing to fill the demand for cards at such a low price. I have literally done THOUSANDS of cards and they can't all be winners. I was asked to produce FIVE HUNDRED cards for the Galactic Profiles set. The reality is that some of them aren't great, but I have got to move on, or else miss the deadline. The cards then go to Topps and Lucasfilm for approval. Is that a great Ackbar sketch? Probably not. But it was approved by the higher-ups. And all I can do is move on to the next and hope it's better.

To have my original work destroyed and defaced is reprehensible and heart-breaking, no matter how dissatisfied the person is. The fact that this person feels that they are entitled to a sketch card and were somehow cheated when not receiving something they wanted (something which is really just a nice, fun freebie for buying a bunch of regular trading cards) is juvenile. He is a spoiled brat and frankly makes me never want to deal with the sketch card community again.

I might point out, too, that these are SKETCH cards, not FINISHED ART cards. If he wants to throw a tantrum and destroy the sketch and then brag about it to his internet buddies, then he has worse problems than receiving a less-than-stellar free drawing.

A sad day.

Like I said, I'm not going to weigh in on the thread myself, but if you want to post this on my behalf, feel free.

And thanks again for the heads up. probably the best thing to do is let the Community know how disgusting and disrespectful this is (which seems to be the general feeling on the thread). Everyone that I've encountered in doing these cards for Star Ward, LoTR, etc. has been nothing but respectful and lovely and it's sad that this Art Destroyer had to come along. He now owns nothing but a piece of trash, and at least I know I can sell my Galactic Profiles return cards to good homes with collectors for much higher prices than he'd ever get for a blank, defaced card."

I think it's safe to say I will not be buying any of Zack's cards.
I no longer own any sports cards in case you find one of my old selling threads. Sorry.
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