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C'mon... Lets stop acting like none of us ever turned in less than our best or took a short-cut to meet a deadline in our respective jobs. Why? Because the alternative was much worse.

The more I read these threads (here and scoundrel), the more I sympathize with the artists. The company selling the product had every opportunity to reject the card. They didn't. They were greedy. They needed the crappy cards to meet the pack numbers. They could have done shorter runs, less sets a year, delayed the release, or coughed up more money to lure in more artists. They didn't. They approved the card, packed it, and sold it.

Don't like the practice? Stop buying Topps products. Start writing letters to voice your complaint. I work for a global consumer products company. We get thousands of telephone calls a year complaining (and complimenting) our products. We only get a couple of letters. Letters raise eyebrows. Send the damn crap cards back to the company along with the UPCs for your box breaks. Take a stand. Make your point to the people that can affect change.
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