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Default 1 Box 2011 Americana & 2 Boxes Golden Age

I posted the Golden Age boxes in the Baseball section as well, so sorry if it's a little repeat, but they are almost as much misc/non-sport as they are baseball. My wife and I are on a quest for Valentino and Lajoie. No luck this time. My wife and I each busted a box and split a box of 2011 Americana. She definitely had the hot hand, which I'm glad because this was as much a break for her as me. I'm happy she pulled the ones she did.

Here's the results:

Chaplin - Relic /499 Wife's PC
Bettie Page - Matinee Legends /499 Wife's PC
Kirsty Coventry - Private Stars Signature Material /249
Josie Davis - Screen Gems Signature Material /69
Bo Hopkins - Platinum Proofs /10

Box #1 - My Wifes
Al Kaline AU (nfs)
Johnny Weissmuller Relic (Tarzan)
Humphrey Bogart /Katharine Hepburn - 5x7 Movie Posters Memorabilia (nfs) Wife's PC

Box #2 - Mine
Bobby Allison AU
Rod Carew relic - got the same one last time
Ted Williams - Ferguson Bakery Pennants Yellow (nfs)

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