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Originally Posted by paul06901 View Post
I don't know what eBay you're looking at, but there's plenty of retail boxes. There's one at $98 that hasn't sold. And the guy with them at $110 obo with a huge quantity available. People also started selling individual packs on eBay.

And to account for those people that only post good breaks here, there are also HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of people that DON'T post any breaks here ... maybe on another site, or maybe they don't post on the internet at all?

Maybe there are THOUSANDS of retail boxes that aren't on eBay? There could be a thousand sealed cases at Walmart warehouse, a thousand at Target warehouse.

Why do you think this is not a possibility? You (and some others) seem to be so engulfed in the craze that rationality leaves the equation.

Please tell me why this specific Blowout box breaks section and eBay are the ONLY two resources for a RETAIL product to show up?!
They aren't.

But why do you REFUSE to see the other side.

I can admit that there are potentially loaded boxes with greens and that they are higher numbered than thought. I don't think that's the case, but I think it's possible.

You on the other hand post stuff from such a narrow minded perspective.

You mention the thousands of boxes opened that aren't posted online, who is to say those boxes aren't mainly 2-3 green prizms?
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