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Originally Posted by paul06901 View Post
That's speculation on both ends.

But you're research is coming from TWO sources out of HUNDREDS of sources. It makes FAR more sense to speculate based on the side of there potentially being a TON of sealed wax in retail locations across the US ... given it is a retail product. It makes FAR less sense to speculate that it's DRYING UP based on two sources of the Blowout breaks section and eBay.

I never said I was positive of anything, I just think that it makes complete sense that a RETAIL-ONLY product carried by juggernauts such as WALMART, TARGET, etc MIGHT ... just MIGHT have PLENTY of this RETAIL product in stock.

It's like saying, well ... Walmart and Target carry this brand new amazing toothbrush and it's really cool! So I went to my local Walmart and Target and I bought all of them, and a few people on a toothbrush message board bought out their local Targets and Walmarts. There are some for sale on eBay though .... That's probably all that Walmart and Target had, because that message board and eBay are the only two resources I'm using for my hypothesis!

I'm not saying how rare they are ... thats asinine speculation.

But to say it's MORE possible that there are less just based on two sources, rather than saying its MORE possible there are PLENTY MORE based on the opposite reasoning .... that's a$$-backwards!
I'm just saying that despite anything I think greens are rarer than you think.

People originally were thinking they were limited to /50. So a second wave hit and let's say 5,000 more boxes hit shelves. At 3 greens per box that makes about another 37 to the print run so it's up to /87.

That's still pretty limited.

For comparison sake (and I'm not saying Prizm is as good as chrome) Kobe Chrome refractors limited between /50 and /99 seem to sell between $150 and $250.

Kobe greens have been selling between $85 and $140. I don't think it's a craze right now, I think down the road these will be worth a similar amount to what they are selling for now, if not a tad more. Perhaps the green inserts won't hold as high, but the base I think will.
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