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Originally Posted by Razorsharp79 View Post
you are so full of #@#@#@#@...the guy has played 6 games and act as if his value is solid as tom brady. He loses the super bowl or has a really bad game his value is back to virtually nothing.

4k cash...take it and tell him no refunds LOL
Im right there with you. Im a fan of Kaepernick because i am a Niners fan. and he's fun too watch. outside of that he hasn't proved anything long term. I bought these cards ALL before he ever started and most of them before this season even began. as far as the sale, if it goes through, it goes through. If not Ill keep them. I believe it will go through based on the fact that when we first started talking about it he put 3k cash in front of me trying to get me to jump at it. just didn't want to do it yet. this market is so volatile i figure worst case scenario i sell them all for 2k easily on ebay. best case scenario he wins and gets MVP. then his value will be above Tom Brady for a couple of weeks until the shock wears off. Either way Im playing with house money. Kinda hard to lose.
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