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Originally Posted by JeffCooper1979 View Post
I have a cash offer of $4000 from a friend here in town for the NT, Exquisite and the Atomic. Im just waiting until after the game to pull the trigger. He is a huge Niners fan and his offer is good no matter what happens. so it doesn't hurt me to list them this high. After all I have Done very very well selling sports cards. So opinions are like Aholes if you know what I mean. Everyone has one but nobody wants to see yours!!!
Originally Posted by JeffCooper1979 View Post
It depends on what the market does. KP (the buyer) is a Friend from the shops around town and we have discussed why I have not sold them to him yet. He did say thats as high as he can go even if they win. Thats a risk im willing to take. I am so far in the Black on Kaepernick that it doesnt matter. I paid between $6 and $102 for all of these cards and have already made $2500. Not to mention Im a Niners fan to the core. so I am happy no matter what. If they win that is. Just posted this thread to gage interest really. Ill sell to serious buyers but if nobodies willing to pay full price im not gonna sell. Kappy is special and these will only go up.
So you wont take the $4k offer if they win cause you know that you will get a lot more if they win and a hell of a lot more if he is named MVP.

You should take the 4k now and move on

Sell all the high end and all but a few contenders and some of the lower end stuff (to keep for your Niners PC) and dont look back
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