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Originally Posted by Chaddie84 View Post

I'm kind of confused why you are SO upset with the buyer in this case. COMC made a mistake AND you make a mistake when pricing out this card. The buyer saw a great price on a great card and purchased it. This happens all the time in both the retail and online marketplace. The seller eats their mistake and moves on. The same thing happens on the flip-side to buyers. One time, I purchased a nice UD Black Flag patch auto on COMC which I thought I got a pretty decent deal on, but I didn't notice the nasty gash in the side of the flag window from the scan (I now have 0 interest in keeping it). It was too late as I had already purchased the card. I informed COMC about the damage, to which they FINALLY gave it a condition note (which should have been there in the first place), making it impossible for me to try to get rid of the thing at even close to what I paid for it. In this case, as the buyer, I ate it.
I have had some of the same speed issues as you.

Yes, yes, I make pricing errors all the time, inadvertently giving great deals, and I just suck it up, like everyone does. The case I have described, however, involves a clear *mislabeling* of the item as a product worth one fifth as much. If Best Buy accidentally attaches a tag reading "Samsung 26 inch - $200" to a 50 inch $1000 television, a buyer who insists on getting that mislabeled 50 inch TV for $200 is laughed out of the store. If you go to Vegas and see that Caesars Palace has accidentally listed San Francisco at +3.5 instead of -3.5 and you rush to put $1000 on it, good luck cashing out -- you may even be 86'd. Obtaining good deals is obviously different than trying to capitalize on typos.
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