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Default Blackberry Curve 8330 Sprint

Would trade this for a nice high end Auto/Patch

Anyone need a Sprint Blackberry Curve 8330?

Price is $100 paypal or $200 in BV trade...retail price on this phone is $579

It's used, but in great shape...I got a new BB Tour and don't need this one anymore.

I have fully updated this one to the new BB 4.5 OS and it's got a 1 Gig memory card included for free. I've wiped all the old info off, the ESN is clean, and it's ready to go on someone elses account now. No contract or extension of your current contract required to put this on your account.

The screen on it is just fine...but, if you are concerned about scratches (there are not any big scratches or anything...just saying) and want a brand new screen cover, they are easy to replace, they just pop off and are held on with thin double sided tape. You can get one here for $1:


It's a good deal for anyone who wants or needs a Blackberry and has Sprint.

If no one wants it, it's going on'll give it a day or so here first then it's gone.
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