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Originally Posted by Razorsharp79 View Post
Even more reason to sell now. He wins his prices will not bump up more than 20-30%, he loses his prices will drop possibly 50-60%...if he gets hurt, his prices will plummet.

I do not know how it would be possible for a 4,000 cash offer to be topped for those 3 cards. that is like 4,300 ebay roughly counting paypal fees, shipping and insurance, and ebay fees. He wins the value on those will not be 5,000 or more? So why hold out for 700 more roughly, the risk is not worth the reward of holding them...he loses those 3 cards are not worth 1,500 since no one remembers second place...and if he gets hurt i would be sick...never miss an opportunity like this, it is what people prospecting dream about.........
This man is baller status, listen to him OP.

Kaepernick's ceiling is already too high on cards. Eventually he will come back down, hard.
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