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Originally Posted by CP3toOKC View Post
What is a shopko?
like a Target Found in Wisconsin Minnesota and a few other states not many

more than i thought

Shopko Tennessee (TN)
Shopko Utah (UT)
Shopko Washington (WA)
Shopko Wisconsin (WI)
Shopko Wyoming (WY)
Shopko California (CA)
Shopko Iowa (IA)
Shopko Idaho (ID)
Shopko Illinois (IL)
Shopko Indiana (IN)
Shopko Kansas (KS)
Shopko Kentucky (KY)
Shopko Michigan (MI)
Shopko Minnesota (MN)
Shopko Missouri (MO)
Shopko Montana (MT)
Shopko North Dakota (ND)
Shopko Nebraska (NE)
Shopko Ohio (OH)
Shopko Oregon (OR)
Shopko South Dakota (SD)
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