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Yes, yes I do have Batman AP's for sale. Next month I will have at least 30 assorted AP's for sale hopefully all at a reasonable price of 100 to 200 bucks depending on how I feel I did on the AP's.
This argument is not going to go down very nicely. Beware of causing artists to leave sketch cards.
Let me explain why artists take such big numbers, the companies give the belief, un said, but it's there, that the artists are going to be rewarded somehow by them doing so much work. they will be recognized by collectors, brought to genre conventions, etc, etc. For some schlub to go from walking the cons to having people line up at their table waiting for sketches or autographs is a big deal. Artist by their very nature are willing to put up with a lot of crap as long as there is some favorable thing out there for them. It's not all about AP's. Right now I could probably set up shop at a con and do cards and sell prints and all that crap just from doing sketch cards. only other way would have been to become a comic book artist or creator. So for being a company man and cranking out 500 cards this guy thinks there is some reward out there, never stated, never mentioned, but it's there.
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