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Default 2012 Certified SB Promo 8 Box Break! Patriots Fans check out this Patch!

Well I bought this planning on opening 4 of them and selling 4 of them but when the first 4 boxes were horrible there was no chance I was going to sell the other 4! The last 4 made it not hurt as much but not great. I got 3 real nice cards but when they add up to a total of about $150-$200 total SV and the case was $675 that isn't good. If I sell everything and get lucky I might get $400 back. I wasn't buying the case to make money because I know better but it would be nice to get at least one $100 SV card per case. It should be a rule I will tell you though Patriots Fans you will like the Patch you see at the end!! Well here are the scans and thanks for looking! Also had 2 Redemptions which were a Freshamn Fabric of Devier Posey /499 and a Vick Ballard Red RC Auto /250.

The Demaryius Thomas is #ed to his Jersey # 88/100 so that helps and also the Darren Woodson is also #ed to his Jersey # 28/100! Not much more money but a little
Lloyd #ed 9/25

Dalton #ed 2/25
Hali #ed 6/25

Ingram #ed 23/25
Pettigrew #ed 28/49

Now for the 3 good ones that at least made the break worth while if one of them can really pick it up next year it might be a pretty good break. He started to come around at the end of the season! Not getting rid of it right now die to low Sell Value I will wait until next season and take my chances!

#ed 7/25

#ed 22/25

I just love this next patch of a decent player that don't sell high enough in my opinion!

#ed 19/49
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