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Hi all,

My name is Anthony, i am an active duty member of the US Air Force. I am originally from NJ and am currently stationed in Japan. I collected mostly baseball cards throughout my childhood and stopped sometime in the early 90s. I got back into the hobby in 2008 with a few baseball and football boxes and I was hooked again. I quickly gravitated to a few products in both sports, for football my favorite was SP Authentic (before UD lost the license) and Contenders now its Contenders and Chrome, for baseball it was Masterpieces (not produced anymore, ) and Bowman and now just Bowman. While I still love busting some boxes I don't really do it that much and mostly buy singles off eBay. I do however try to bust at least one box of Chrome and Contenders each year. I have been a die hard SF 49ers and NY Mets fan my whole life so I tend to PC players from both of those teams(especially Kendall Hunter) I do however stray when I see a young player I really like. Right now I am starting to buy singles of Bernard Pierce and David Wilson. I look forward to getting to know some of you and hope to start trading soon. Thank you for reading.
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