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Originally Posted by jr24ai3 View Post
Sorry, I was talking about Contenders Football. I think MAPP on Contenders basketball is $120, and it costs $90 direct from Panini. Still only $30 profit on a $120 sale, before accounting for any credit card fees.

My point is people complain like a LCS is doubling their money on a box. Yes there are some shops that overprice products. But shops that are at $120 on Contenders basketball are in no way taking advantage of customers with that price.

how do you know what lcs owner have to pay for their items? the price depends on the number you buy from them, so the prices are lower than we think. most products retailer sell have an increase of 100-120% of the buying price. for example we buy shoes from nike 50$ a piece and charge 120$ in store, wich is the mapp from nike. after some time we are able to give discounts for them, by the end to get rid of them we do 50% off the original mapp so still with 50% off we have 10$ + what we paid for them. i think some guys need some merchant help.

so we buy it for 50$
mapp is 120$
we have a + of 70$
with this 70$ + we need to calculate all our cost (tax, rent, workes, energy ....)

so you example with contenders
asking price 120$
buying price 90
+ 30$ can't work, because it can't cover the lcs costs!
the buying price is in the 50-60$ area not 90$

the buying price from any manufacturer is under 50% of the asking price.

Originally Posted by Brobocop View Post
Can't help but feel like this may be the end result of ending MAPP pricing:

No MAPP pricing means product may be offered at pre-order at lower prices
Pre-orders go up due to lower prices
More people want product so Panini makes more product
Wanting to make more money, Panini prints more base cards and inserts less valuable autographs and memorabilia cards
People, while paying a lower price, are just as angry over the quality of the product being low

Also this hurts the LCS since they can no longer compete with online. The original idea behind MAPP was to set a price floor to a product as well as give the LCS a week jump on the product. They got rid of the later pretty quickly, and now the former is gone. To me, this may provide some great short-term benefits, such as National Treasures BB being lower in price, but long term could hurt us all by causing some LCS to go out of business due to not being able to compete with online. I dunno, I think we can all agree that MAPP isn't such a bad idea IF you give the customer something in return for their money.
well the collector of today want the ceapest prices no matter what that means to the hobby.
like you wrote, the mapp was a good idea but it didn't work the way they wanted, with a drop of it you will see again more lcs will go down because nobody can compete with online store wich have much less costs then an real lcs owner!

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