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Originally Posted by jadams View Post
That's a crappy post, with the usual suspects dog piling the artist.

It's pretty shitty what they are saying about artists over there. And they wonder why people are leaving in droves.

What are they going to collect when sketchcards go away? There is a very high profile SW set without sketches coming out soon. When they realize that these sell out without the sketches and they don't have to listen to the same guys calling customer service on every release bitching about sketch quality and demanding replacement cards. Or maybe the AD is tired of seeing people bitching about sketches.

It's #@#@#@#@ like this that will kill this hobby.
I'm not sure what you're reacting to in that link, but he was looking for AP info for Batman and that had several artists offering their APs. We don't get that kind of info posted over here, so that seemed like the best resource to point him to.
I no longer own any sports cards in case you find one of my old selling threads. Sorry.
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