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Originally Posted by lennox.p View Post
how do you know what lcs owner have to pay for their items? the price depends on the number you buy from them, so the prices are lower than we think. most products retailer sell have an increase of 100-120% of the buying price. for example we buy shoes from nike 50$ a piece and charge 120$ in store, wich is the mapp from nike. after some time we are able to give discounts for them, by the end to get rid of them we do 50% off the original mapp so still with 50% off we have 10$ + what we paid for them. i think some guys need some merchant help.

so we buy it for 50$
mapp is 120$
we have a + of 70$
with this 70$ + we need to calculate all our cost (tax, rent, workes, energy ....)

so you example with contenders
asking price 120$
buying price 90
+ 30$ can't work, because it can't cover the lcs costs!
the buying price is in the 50-60$ area not 90$

the buying price from any manufacturer is under 50% of the asking price.
I am glad you know how the shoe industry works but until you have an account with a sports card distributor do not guess how the pricing works. I know for a fact the lowest cost for a box direct as a preorder of Prizm was 75. MAPP WAS 100 A BOX. The only product in recent releases that commanded the markup your talking about and that was UD retro, and that was manipulated by the UD AIRs.
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